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You can find more information or learn how to change the settings in our Cookie Policy. Iñaki is pissed she stood him up at the (expensive) restaurant for dinner. Once in the car, Marcelo takes over and makes Sole sweat; he refuses to answer Soledad’s questions about whether she’s ever going to see her daughter again, or whether it will do any good to beg his forgiveness. FF) Well, surprise of surprises, Daniel’s mama and Viridiana are gossiping together at the same reclusive getaway as A Llora and her uncle.Besides, she had that old codger after A Lucia, too, as we remember.) Ok. ) Soledad is his daughter and nobody is going to do a thing to his granddaughter! They leave and Viewerville is still as much in the dark about what happened after this scene as Santi is. Those white sunshades on Viridiana bugged me too, but they worked on her better than most. She and Marcelo no doubt wouldn't be put together by a online dating service, but these two have chemistry. I also like that Viridiana is the opposite of Ana Leticia and I'm looking forward to these two butting heads. Surely, he wouldn't kill her knowing he'd have witnesses that would question why she didn't come back w/ him.San Marco begins to remember accusing Sole at gunpoint of exactly what she’d done so many years ago. Hey, says Marcelo, she has a right to know about her real family. A Mi Mi leaves for home and has plenty of time to change into her disguise for the dinner that evening with Tin Tin. She lands a liplock on Tin Tin that curls his toes and he’s so surprised!!! Now that Santi realizes Ana Lucia would be in mortal danger if Ana Leticia found out about her, I'm all for keeping these two sisters apart. I'm not convinced Evaristo is Soledad's father. If so, please tell her hello from me and that I miss her comments. Does she not have faith that her daughter would be upset at her going missing?Well, the girl knows only Sole as her mother and loves her—they love each other dearly. Well, it’s just that she’s realized now that Mo wants to separate her from him, she knows just how much she cares for Tin Tin. I think he just feels like her father cause he was her mother's boyfriend. And yes, Mariana was DOn Luis's sweetia in my favorite telenovela ALborada. It was a stupid plotline, the writers pretty much crammed filler into most of this epi.Agree he doesn't have any feelings for Ana Lucia, his supposed "adopted" granddaughter, outside of keeping Soledad out of trouble. One of our past frequent commenters actually met Mariana at her restaurant a few years ago and told us all about that meeting. She owned a poodle named WIlla and lived in Santa Fe , I think. The story Ana Let gave Inaki was pretty tight, I'd have bought it.But the one scene that woke me up was Evaristo's little surprise intervention with Marcelo & Solebad. So for awhile I had it in the back of my mind as to who put the dead body in place of Marcelo, especially one so strategic as to have the same tattoo.When Evaristo said that Ana Lu's life is in danger, it became clear to me that Evaristo may be acting as a double agent.

I have a theory that Evaristo is only in cahoots w/ Ana Let as far as he is able to maintain control of the situation.

She couldn’t call to let him know because she’d used up the battery in her cell phone. He tells her about the night he and Evaristo drove there at gunpoint. However, Ev realized he really had lost his memory and changed his mind at the last minute. Meanwhile, Tin Tin puts on as big an act about his/their love for each other as A Mi Mi has. Let's also not forget that he finally remembered she is somehow " related" to Evaristo. Let's see how well Evaristo can control the situation. She might see Valentin's crazy because her own is on most of the time....

But now, she’s had plenty of time to think it over and she’s going to accept his offer to date openly. She fix all that and they’ll announce their relationship to the family together. It’s got to be something to do with her baby-daddy finally wanting to steal her away from Soledad’s life. So, does he have a reason to pardon her and to not kill her right then and there? He underscores how much he, Santi, loves A Lucia and asks her help in winning a life together with her at his side. And when will they finally deem it is time to tell Ana Lu the truth? Ana Laura should watch her back, too, If Evaristo was really concerned about Ana Lu's safety, he would either turn Ana Let in for her crimes, or arrange for her to have an accident. The only thing he and Soledad are concerned about is Sol being sent to jail. Marcelo was not cruel; he was all business when dealing with a family loss.

Mi Mi lies that it was just a ruse since it’s just that she’s so confused since hearing Mo and Abuela discuss him the other night. Soledad and San Marco drive a ways out of the city. He’s also upset with her for standing up his dinner invitation. (What is with this men cooking dinner to impress a woman? No, says Sole, he fell in love with an illusion, a memory of his wife, and not her daughter. Was confused on the purpose of the Sole/Santicelo scene. I think it's cruel of Soledad, and now Santi, Remedios, Ramiro, and Inaki to deny a grandmother, uncle, and sister the right to be with the lost nieta/sobrina/hermana they have been searching for for two decades. Pretty well switches off all the more rational brain cells. As for those shades, I would not have put this actress in the role to begin with. \It does look like Inaki bought Bad Seed's story, I wonder for how long though, he's a pretty tricky fella. Sneaky, I think that Ana Me Me Me knows that Ana Llorona is only tepid about Valentin.

It was something about not trusting him and that she’s in greater danger from Tin Tin than from Ramiro. They argue over the fact that she really did not know his name three years ago when they first met. Tin Tin says this isn’t something to discuss over the the phone. ) She makes up a story about having a car accident and having to wait so long for the insurance agent. end parte 1~~ =================== Back in the boonies with San Marco and Sole, she’s certain he’s going to kill her. Eventually, Marcelo will remember this and no longer love Ana Lucia. He believes the new man will take over as he’s truly in love with Ana Lucia, who lets him laugh and enjoy life as much as she does. Why was she so afraid for her life, and if she was - why did she go with him? Say he convinces her that he is Santi and a changed man, can he really trust her, knowing what he knows amd remembers? Vivi, Yes, it is cruel unless Evaristo does believe that Ana Lucía's life is in danger as he told Soledad. I would not put it past Ana Leticia to find some way of killing Ana Lucía. She will not share any affection or money or anything she considers "hers" with anyone. How does impersonating Llora w/Valentin hurt Llora? She just set her up to take the consequences of Valentin's escalating expectations.

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