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The first two are obvious causing selection of the correct DHCP filename when deploying TFTP configuration, the third one select "shim.efi" chain loading capability for secure booting.

Similarly to root password, a global setting could be provided for one or both flags for missing values (open item).

Default DHCPD configuration must be changed in order to allow booting unknown UEFI hosts as it was shown above (snippet).

Using is perhaps better default than loading Grub directly.

The only version which was found working was 6.03-pre20.

Additionally, there is no PXELinux version with EFI support in RHEL6 and RHEL7 and both systems ship with Grub (versions 1 and 2 respectively).

This feature aims for this support matrix: For UEFI systems, 32bit or 64bit EFI loader will be configured on DHCP according host's architecture association.

Currently, Foreman supports booting of x86 BIOS systems via PXELinux and several other platforms via Grub1, ZTP and POAP.

It looks like Grub2 is the best and most compatible way of PXE booting EFI hardware and it is available in most Linux distributions.

It makes sense to provide support in our Puppet classes and installer to deploy these.

The first idea was to simply deploy both BIOS and UEFI configurations during orchestration and configure hosts to pick up the correct loader.

This is possible in ISC DHCPD: The major issue with this approach is hosts in Foreman both in boot and production mode have their own DHCP reservation which does not provide a syntax to do if statement. For this reason both DHCP filename and TFTP configuration must be deployed correctly for each individual host.

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