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The photographer and the subject agreed that there were plenty of useable shots but they wanted to create something ‘special’ and out of the box.

The photographer suggested they try some ‘jumping’ shots.

Side-lighting can create mood, backlighting and silhouetting your subject to hide their features can be powerful.

I was chatting with a photographer recently who told me about a corporate portrait shoot that he had done with a business man at his home.

You might even want to grab a longer zoom lens to take you out of their immediate zone and get really paparazzi with them.

I find that this can particularly work when photographing children.

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Sometimes it’s what is left out of an image that says more than what is included.

It was the series of out of the box images that convinced the magazine he was someone that they’d want to feature. Photograph your subject at work, with family or doing something that they love.

This will put them more at ease and you can end up getting some special shots with them reacting naturally to the situation that they are in.

While this is good common sense – completely changing the angle that you shoot from can give your portrait a real WOW factor.

It is amazing how much the direction of your subject’s eyes can impact an image.

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