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"I must say right off that physically you meet the standard; we will see about the rest. You will never have to return to the work-a-day prison where the half brain dead inmates delude themselves with illusions that they are free.The therapy is quite rigorous; you will have to be broken and remade. We will feed you, keep you, and use at our pleasure. Now my cock throbbed, engorged at the thought of Gina betraying me to her giggling friends. " "Oh, poor baby, do you think they are going fall off? Then you would have to be my worthless little eunuch wouldn't you? "Oh, please do, but I drained him this just this morning, so him give a couple of days to get back to full volume. Ok, we're almost there, so please send Julio to the car. I fretted over the numbness of the heavy lump hanging between my legs. I deferentially waited for a break in her phone calls and asked, "Gina, please excuse me, but is it really safe to leave my balls tied up so long?

This will take control on your part, so concentrate. Repeat the rules." I looked at Gina, bowed my head casting my eyes downward. I am to bow to you before and after speaking." I looked to Gina. I tried to concentrate on the road as tears welled in my eyes—tears from the overwhelming, but denied need for sexual release; tears from fear of the dreadful Anna, fear of strangling my cock and balls, fear of where these fierce women would lead me—and tears of gratitude for Gina's cruelty. In sharp contrast to Gina's menacing leather ensemble Anna wore a graceful, almost prissy pastel dress.I could make out just enough to guess that the topic was me—and Anna. I fidgeted in my seat powerless to stop her from betraying the embarrassing details of my perverse surrender. On the other hand..." Gina laughed, "Honey, I'm not going to let you lose you balls because I like playing with them. There's a boy on the valet station, Julio, I'd like to attend to my car. A handsome dark haired boy stepped over to the car to assist Gina from the car. She glanced to my crotch and sneered a rumor into her phone. Well, I probably should just let you worry, but don't. I could tighten it up a bit and strangle your balls, but I'm not interested in that, at least not yet. Besides, he's just a trifling confection, a cocky idiot. And you have this thing about men being hobbled and all. I think it would be a nice touch for Eric to give the boy a big tip. "Eric darling, when we pull up in front, watch the valet's eyes as he helps me out of the car. Watch him look at my new boots, up the slit of my sexy new dress, and into the face of your ruler.Anna was all sweet peaches and frosty cream, utterly feminine, with not a hard edge about her. Her gaze settled on my eyes holding me in silent, rapt attention.Anna's eyes were blue, or gray, or maybe green; they almost seemed to revolve color to color.

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