Intimidating rage imperious command fred dating luger

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No, true steel comes not from practice but from life, and life alone is a test great enough for the mettle of a true warrior!

Return to the natural state of being in which you can find peace. As a Barbarian, you get: Full BAB d12 HD Good fortitude save 4 skill points/level -Illiteracy: Barbarians are thought so dumb that its a class feature!

A collaborative effort of Talic, your's truly and Solo, who put the whole thing in motion in the first place.

Also thanks to Midnight_V and Zendu for their Barbarian information compilation.

-Dexterity: Cartoons teach us that agility beats strength. Also, makes you slow to abatewhich is awesome because your anger is your strength!

This is not precisely true, but what is true is that acting fast, dodging blows and in general, gaining extra value out of your HP is great added to immense strength. -Intelligence: Ah yes, the archetype of the stupid Wildman who goes Hulk Smash when you tell him to.

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