Itunes smart playlist live updating

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Once complete I checked the option in the i Phone’s preferences, and sure enough it told me to connect my phone to a PC to pair with i Tunes and enable Wi-Fi syncing.

I had a blank canvas, or so I thought, and so it stayed.

Backup worked just fine, as it does with any i Phone you connect regardless of whether it’s paired to your machine or not. From my understanding of what i Tunes was telling me, I stood to lose everything and “start again”.

I then connected the new i Phone 5, set it up using i Tunes and restored my backup. Couple this with a backup made while the problem was prevalent, I had little faith in a solution that didn’t involve a lot of hoops and many, many jumps.

Things go wrong, but luckily there..., but things eventually worked out by choosing a different backup.

The process took hours and hours to complete on a perfectly acceptable ADSL2 connection of around 10Mbps.

I Googled for help like a consumer scorned, assuming I’d missed something obvious and there was a quick fix.and performing three restores via i Tunes, I thought I was ready to rock.A few days later Algoriddim released their new video mixing app, vjay, and in order to pretend I am one day destined to become a superstar VJ, I decided to transfer some media using i Tunes.I sometimes find the Java setup on my various Apple devices to be a mystery.Recently, I was trying to get a Java applet to run in the same way on 2 i Macs and my Mac Book Air.

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