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Ladder Capital’s shares are sensibly valued, selling for 8.2x Q2-17 run-rate core earnings. The commercial real estate finance company has good dividend coverage, and higher interest rates could be a catalyst for a dividend hike as well as for a higher market valuation of the REIT's shares.

Ladder Capital is sensibly valued and an investment in the CRE finance company throws off a dividend yield of 8.7 percent.

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Higher short term interest rates could not only be a catalyst for Ladder Capital’s share price, but also trigger a dividend hike based on an improvement in the company’s dividend coverage stats. I am largely investing in dividend paying stocks, but also venture out occasionally and cover special situations that offer appealing reward-to-risk ratios and have potential for significant capital appreciation.

Ladder Capital should be able to maintain, potentially grow its dividend.

Huge floating-rate investment loan portfolio poised to deliver NII tailwinds and improve dividend coverage stats even further. (LADR) will be able to maintain and potentially even grow its dividend as short-term interest rates climb.

Balance sheet lending is the most important business segment for Ladder Capital though the company also invests in investment grade-rated commercial mortgage-backed securities and makes direct real estate investments. Ladder Capital has aggressively grown its loan business in the last several years.

Balance sheet first mortgage loans are typically variable-rate and produce net interest income for Ladder Capital.

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