Later life dating site

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Couple this with a sunset stroll around the park (maybe you can even find some botanical gardens! Hosting a dinner party as a pair for another couple is a good way for the two of you to see how you work together.While an intimate date idea, especially as you’ll be in one of your houses and having to work together to produce a nice meal, inviting some friends will take some of the pressure off and make it a nice experience all round. From embracing the great outdoors to taking a class together, we’ve come up with a genuinely great list of date ideas for over 50s.

Get to grips with a salsa class or spice things up with an Indian cooking class and enjoy! Go to a new art gallery Art galleries are a classic date idea and particularly good for over 50s.

Classic dinner and a movie is all well and good but you can mix things up a bit now that you’re older and wiser.

Why don’t you find a controversial theater piece and go together?

This gives you a real insight as to how you work as a couple. Go to a spa Those dating later in life can afford to sometimes treat themselves.

Why not enjoy a nice spa day as a date idea – probably better once you’ve been dating a while.

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