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It was the last Christie novel, published posthumously, although not the last one Christie wrote featuring Miss Marple.

The story is set in the 1930s, though written during the Second World War.

She did fall in love with Halliday, and loved his daughter. She says that she does not believe that Helen ran off, as the clothes packed in her suitcase made no sense (taking an evening gown but not the shoes and belt that go with it). Kennedy agree he should write back to her to arrange a meeting at his present home. The police find Lily’s body in a copse near the train station. Miss Marple advises Gwenda to tell the police everything.He sent the nanny Leonie home with medicines that killed her.Miss Marple explains all this to the Reeds, the full confession from Kennedy and how they should have seen it from the start, from those words in the play.In a short time, she finds and buys Hillside, a large old house that feels just like home.She re-opens the view to the sea from the terrace and renovates with new bathrooms and improved kitchen, staying in a one-time nursery room while the work progresses.

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