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I have had 3 episodes in the last year of what was initially diagnosed as Shingles and is now been diagnosed as HSV.

But if you have HSV-2, you should assume you initially acquired the infection genitally, in which case it is likely you periodically have genital area asymptomatic viral shedding, with the potential to transmit to sex partners.

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Participants work in groups to answer a series of questions located on three separate handouts. To view this lesson click here: Source: Family Life and Sexual Health (F. Scenarios USA videos are professionally-produced films written by teens for teens.I don't understand your doc's comment about virus typing.If a culture is positive for HSV, the virus can be typed.But with either virus, suppressive therapy with valacyclovir (Valtrex) or one of the other anti-herpes drugs should be effective in reducing both the frequency of recurrent outbreaks and the chance of transmission. Good luck-- HHH, MD I did insist on a swab to be taken of the fluid inside the blisters when I went to see her.Unfortunately, I was unable to get to the doctors sooner, and so I have had this most resent episode for 6 days now and she said that she would take the swab but that it will be unlikely that she will be unable to type it because I didn't get it tested when the blisters initally apeared.

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