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Step 1: Business Info It might seem deceptively simple, but it’s the trickiest of them all.First, not very much information appears on the front of your Facebook business page.Think of something that will add a little flair or style to the page. It’s definitely a brand known for flair and style, so it includes a quote in French to inspire its visitors: Another reason that the About section needs to be a top priority is that, whenever your business is tagged and a Facebook user mouses over the name, a little box pops up to show who it is.Along with the cover image, link, and recent photos is — you guessed it —the About phrase! Urban Outfitters uses it to drive people to its e-commerce site. If you thought that your market or industry was already tough, Facebook can complicate matters even more.On Facebook, you’re not only competing with your direct competitors, but you’re also competing for attention with everyone else.If you’re looking for different types of milestones, they will be unique to your business but they can fall along the following lines: The company has a history of product innovation (it invented the aviators, after all) so it has quite a few product milestones.

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CNN has a great example: An alternative approach — depending on your sector or industry — is to add a quote.

But it’s still super important, particularly for your future customers. The Business Info section asks about your business’s mission.

It’s not what the company does necessarily — that part comes later.

Instead, it’s your moment to shine, break out some inspiration, and really sell your mission’s concept to grab people’s interest.

Let’s take a dentist office as an example: A good mission statement is not, “We clean your teeth efficiently.” A good mission statement is, “Making Marin County smiles world famous.” In the company overview, you can talk about the things that you do.

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